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Champions and Champion Pedigrees

Birt’s American Bulldogs is located on a working cattle ranch in beautiful Placerville, CA.  Placerville is on Hwy. 50 about one and a half hours from Lake Tahoe.  Birt’s American Bulldogs began with “Athena.”  Athena grew up at our oil-and-lube business.  Customers would come in and she would let children sit on her, put their fingers in her mouth, and best of all, entertain them.  Athena’s first litter was out of a breeding to Boyd’s/Ostergaard’s Danish Auroch, the 2005/2006 Bully Male Champion.  The 10-pup litter went very quickly.  We kept two females from that litter, “Winnie” and “Rebel,” and the three girls became our foundation females.  Athena’s first litter to Auroch went so well that we rebred her the same way.  The 9-pup litter went equally as fast as the first litter, and we ended up falling in love with 2 of the pups, “Belle Brindle” and “Titan,” and ended up keeping them.  We are proud that our pups can now be found in other states including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Texas, Maryland, Colorado… to name just a few.
Boyd’s/Ostergaard’s Danish Auroch created a great foundation for our breeding program, and since then we acquired “D and D’s Beast of Big Tyme’s,” the 2007 Bully Male Champion, Birt’s/Diehard’s Clockwork Oranje, and Wild Wonder’s Gucci, the ABNA Jr. Champion and European Jr. Champion, imported from Hungary.  We are continually striving to create excellence in the American Bulldog.
At our El Dorado County licensed, non-commercial kennel, we breed for kindness, conformation, and working ability.  All of our dogs are sold with ABA, ABRA, NKC, or UKC registrations.  Pups are given their required vaccinations and de-worming, and come with a great guarantee.
American Bulldogs are uniquely wonderful dogs.  They are powerful and dominant, protective and smart!  Please research the responsibility of owning an American Bulldog and become familiar with their unique characteristics.
Thank you for visiting our website, and please contact us if you decide that the American Bulldog is the breed for you.

Birt's/Diehard's Clockwork Oranje

Wild Wonder's Gucci

Weldon's Swan of Fastlane